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Grace For The Journey:

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 A Widow's Walk Through Psalms With God

30 Day Devotional And Journal

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Meet the Author

Sherry Medley is a pastor, teacher, facilitator, Retreat and Conference Coordinator. She is the founder of In His Hands Women Ministry, Grace for the Journey Sisterhood for Widows and CEO of a non-profit, Hand of Hope, Inc. She has a passionate heart for God and a ministry to empower, inspire and encourage women. It is her desire to help others to be healed, set free through the word of God and finding their purpose to bring Glory to the Kingdom of God. As a widow she wants women to realize their purpose and vision was not buried with their husband, but in spite of their situation, there is still purpose within them to be fulfilled for the Glory of God. The inspiration to write this book came from her love and loss of her husband. Sherry has been a wife to her beloved husband for 40 years, a now widow, she has been blessed to be a mother of 4 children, 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

New Release 2022

"The origins of this book lies in a widow’s tears. Tears that we wish were never shed. Tears that drowned us in sorrow and despair. Tears that left us gasping for air.  



However, over the course of time, these widow’s tears became as the Balm of Gilead. Each tear drop leaving an imprint so visible and firmly etched that its transformative effect could not be denied. No longer did these tears bring sorrow or despair, but they brought strength and healing.



Healing that cascades out of this book like a flood and will become that balm that you’ve been looking for. As we watched our Mother go through the lows and very lows of losing someone that she loved. We’ve seen how she took what was her most weakest moment in her life and turned it into her greatest strength.



We all know that death is the final outcome of life. However, it was once said, “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.” Our Father was a jolly man, who was always willing to lend a helping hand no matter the situation. And it seems, even in death, he is carrying on this legacy."

- Joy Medley, daughter of Author

"I woke up one morning (still struggling with all my emotions) and shouted,
"Grief, you don't have me, but I have you!" 

At this time I knew I was in a battle for my mental, physical and spiritual life."
- Grace for The Journey: A Widow's Walk 
Through The Psalms With God
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Author Testimonials

"Working with Sherry Medley has been more than a lesson; it has been an entire discourse on human services. How she relates to the community and their needs is exceptional. Having her wise counsel and guidance for our organization, we have been fortunate to convey our mission to reach disadvantaged and underserved communities. She truly understands the spirit of excellence. Her capacity to lead and guide multiple organizations demonstrates her love and passion for others. She is truly an example of servanthood." 

Apostle Craig Coates,

Fresh Start Church

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